Brian Cadd is a bona-fide music legend. Platinum album seller. ARIA Hall of Famer.  Multi-award winning songwriter. Recipient of an Order of Australia (AM). This powerhouse singer and piano player still rocks in today’s retro-pumped music business and is as energised and creative as ever. Recently Brian returned to his old stomping ground in Nashville to record Silver City under the masterful guidance of producer Mark Moffatt, and has relocated to the heart of his musical influences Woodstock NY where he is embracing the musical culture and connections of the area.

In February 2019 Brian released Silver City, an album that takes his musical history and consolidates it into a remarkable journey.  Produced in Nashville by Mark Moffatt, Silver City forges the path that began when Brian first heard The Band’s Music from Big Pink in 1968 in the Easybeats’ London flat which recalibrated his destination as a songwriter.

The music of Brian Cadd has endured since the 1960s.  Silver City is testament to his relevance today.  Brian Cadd remains one of Australia’s greatest treasures; a true Statesman of songwriting and recording.

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