Vov Dylan is an Australian Violinist who has many strings to his bow.....

A third generation musician and a second generation Violinist, Vov grew up with music in every aspect of his life. Making his first debut in newspapers at the age of 21 months old, there was no stopping him. At 6 years of age, Vov had his first paid performance and the world began to open up.

Vov soon found that where many peers focused on a style of music being Classical or Jazz or Gypsy etc - he became focused on the Violin as a whole, leading him to have an appreciation and an ability to play all styles of music on the one instrument in Vov's words "I play the Violin because I LOVE the Violin, not because of a style of music or a particular piece - rather, I like to find a way to make the Violin sing any piece of music - whether it is written for the Violin or not!”.

With this approach, Vov has amassed a performance repertoire that is enormous. Comfortable performing everything from Solo Bach and the mainstream Classical repertoire, to Folk, Gypsy, Continental, Jazz, Hollywood, Broadway, Pop, Rock and even Disco!


From doing international performances, recordings, teaching, international masterclasses, orchestral tuition - or just sitting at home and serenading the family - Vov and his Violin are never far apart.

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