Dave is a cellist with a family pedigree of show business history that spans a century. This very rich legacy has been a genuine and solid platform for his passion in developing a series of albums that specialises in classical and crossover music styles! 


Dave began playing the 'cello at six near the great Serengeti plains of Kenya, where he was born. His formative cello lessons were played within earshot of the roar of lions and a Noah's Ark of Africa's colourful wildlife. Indeed, his earliest practice days with a half size 'cello would entertain an audience of birds and wildlife who would linger nearby! Dave moved to Australia in the 60s to settle with his parents.


Dave Loew has Hungarian/English blood, perhaps why his playing offers such emotional and passionate interpretation on his recordings. For, it is these very emotive qualities that have gripped the public from Britain to Eastern and Northern Europe, too China, Japan, South American countries and afar as the Emirates, Israel and Caribbean islands.

Over the last twenty four years, since his debut album released in Australia, Dave has seen his albums bought and join collections of executives to doctors, bikers to postmen, healers to martial art exponents, the list and variety is endless. His music appears on inflight audios, yoga classes, healing practices, dinner parties, the list is endless.

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