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This is Rick Springfield and Russell Morris like you’ve never heard them before. They have come together to create Jack Chrome & the Darkness Waltz, an album that celebrates Día de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead – with the narrator, Jack Chrome (embodied by Russell and Rick), leading the listener through a compelling song cycle about life and death.


“Russ is the happy one,” Rick smiles. “He brought a lot of the positive songs to the project, whereas mine get pretty dark. I’ve always loved the idea of our lost ones coming back to earth to spend time with us. What a great concept ‘Day of the Dead’ is. Better than reincarnation. JackChrome and the Darkness Waltz is a project I worked on with my Aussie buddy during the lockdown. An homage to the ‘Day of the Dead’, Russ and I wrote and recorded these songs over the internet and we are proud to release this albeit ‘very different’ album. It’s a departure from our usual styles of writing as we both take on the persona of Jack Chrome. It’s dark and moody as hell.”

“Rick and I have been friends for many years now,” Russell explains. “And we have always loved the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ festival. It is a beautiful concept whereby every year at the end of October they invite the spirits of their departed loved ones to come back and live amongst them for three days. After losing parents and grandparents, I’ve always loved the concept – it’s all about celebrating life and bringing those spirits back. We both love the album and we hope you will also.”