The Long and Short of It (David Baird & Patsy Toop) are award-winning, country music singer-songwriters, from Melbourne. Their sumptuous harmonies have been described as “honey-coated chocolate”. This hardworking duo are true masters of their craft and they have built a legion of fans over the past decade. They are refined songwriters penning relatable lyrics and inspirational music. In 2013 they headed to Nashville to record some songs during this time they met and formed a friendship with Producer Kenny Royster, renowned for producing triple platinum recordings for Luke Combs.


Cowboy Lonesome is the first single release from their New Album Midnight Choir produced by Kenny Royster which will be released on July 1st, 2022. Midnight Choir is an album filled with new country music classics !


1. Cowboy Lonesome

2. Midnight Choir

3. Three Chords and the Brew

4. Change How you See the World

5. Forever Girl

6. That's Why I'm Here

7. Hot Apple Pie

8. A Little Love Will Fix

9. The Light

10. 247/365

11. Beers A Must